– what does that mean for us?

As the original idea behind launching a communications agency was the need to do our part and deploy our skills to help the world and people, as a company and its people we are naturally committed to acting sustainably and responsibly when it comes to the society, the environment as well as how we conduct business.

Therefore, our sustainability takes two separate forms: firstly, we consider it in our daily lives, both at work and in our spare time, and secondly, we consider it in what we want to professionally create, implement and contribute to.


  • We don't have an office. Everyone works mostly at home or very close by, which means we reduce emissions from transport.
  • Whenever possible, we travel to customer meetings and (rare) joint meetings by public transport.
  • At home offices, laptops and mobile phones are powered by green electricity certified by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.
  • Home office waste is recycled as well as possible in each location.


  • At least 10% of the results confirmed by Copywriting Generalists' end-of-year financial statement will be donated to a project or organisation that strives to create a better world. Every year, we will decide separately on where we will make that year’s donations to, and we will transparently communicate why we chose what we chose.
  • In 2021 we donated to Hope ry and to John Nurminen Foundation.
  • The company will become carbon neutral with an aim of becoming carbon negative.

But one must dream big, right? What we’d really love to do is to join forces with some others to found a think tank or foundation that would help #generalists and specialists work together in unprecedent and effective ways, promoting sustainable development and creating new solutions, with the common goal of contributing to a #fairerworld.