Responsible and sustainable commucations agency―

How it all began ―

Hanna: “What would you like to do if only sky was the limit? I mean, save the world, of course. But how precisely?”

Sinikka: “Hmm… I think I’d want to help people make more sustainable choices. Or, I’d like it if the world was built so that sustainability was an integral part of it.”

Hanna: “Yes! But such a change can’t depend on consumer choices. It has to start with organisations.”

Sinikka: “We are former journalists. How can we do our part? What are we good at?”

Hanna: “Well! We know how to communicate and write. We analyse, understand, develop insight, make new connections…”

Sinikka: “Indeed, we’re a very specific type of people that definitely has a multitude of uses in today’s world. But what to call it?”

The world is changing at an accelerating pace and its challenges are growing at such a rate that traditional communications are often not sufficient for an organisation to effectively stay on top of their game.

To do our part in helping today’s organisations meet these challenges, we founded Copywriting Generalists – a modern and responsible communications agency. We offer a new flavour to a traditional craft by combining marketing and communications with the orientation of a generalist; a person who is quick at developing insight on a multitude of different topics, a jack-of-all-trades – a fast deep-learner.

We passionately believe that companies and other agile organisations are in the best position to develop effective and disruptive solutions to alleviate today’s super-wicked problem that includes challenges with climate change, mass extinction, women’s rights, famine, pandemics and other health-related issues. We want change so the Earth could regain its balance and life everywhere on it would be humane and good.

Smart companies need smart communications ―

We believe that companies that want to drive change need communications that are based on both understanding business as well as understanding the human nature. We believe that transparency and authenticity will keep rising in importance. We believe in uniting behind shared values and allowing those values to shape strategy and operations. Partnerships between organisations that share common values create shared success. In the future, all productive business will be value based and responsible. In the future, all organisations will be smart and agile.

Every one of our customers is on a unique journey. Every organisation has started from somewhere and is heading towards something. Just as the world will never be complete, neither will an organisation (let alone an individual…!)

It is the nature of the world and useful to understand: there’s always room for improvement. Also, it’s never too late.

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Our team ―

Hanna Veltheim

Managing Partner

Hanna is the visionary, consultant, editor and mentor. A former news and current affairs editor with a degree in Journalism, she transitioned to the world of digital communications and marketing while living in London, UK. After living there for almost a decade, she felt homesick enough to move back to Finland. Hanna is passionate about new technologies, the circular economy, startups and authentic people. She dreams of helping Finnish innovations to international success and of managing to grow decent carrots and raise decent children with love.
+358 50 359 0594

Sinikka Tierna


Sinikka is the planner, writer, proofreader and manager. A news and feature editor with a degree in Journalism. After her career as a journalist, she has worked as a producer, executive director and communications expert. Sinikka is passionate about people and their stories, brightens and straightens even the most complex thoughts and never gets tired of polishing details to perfection. Things close to her heart and mind include a balanced and ecological lifestyle, people’s well-being, the future of her children and artificial intelligence as a solution for future problems.
+358 40 555 2838


Niina Broman

Communications Specialist

Niina is a planner, writer, consultant and trainer with particular expertise in sustainability and corporate responsibility communications. An ex-journalist, long-term communications professional and master storyteller, Niina can work at strategic as well as operational level, creating communications that are fit for purpose and sound fresh. Through continuing academic studies, she is also on her way to become a teacher and recently upskilled in sustainable business development. In her spare time, Niina enjoys street dance and reading. She is a social introvert who believes in the power of collaboration and living in the present.

Pama Alavilo

Graphic Designer

Pama desings websites as well as layouts for print- and web-based materials such as brochures, banners, posters and flyers. She creates visual branding assets from logos to business cards and brand guidelines. Our visual generalist has eight years of work experience in the field of communications. She has studied in Tampere Vocational College and Lahti Institute of Design.

Pama gets excited about sustainable design, colours, shapes, changing seasons and growing plants on a windowsill. She believes in the possibilities of visual communications as a vessel to cross cultural boundaries. She’s interested in living a climate-friendly lifestyle as well as bouldering. She strives to learn from the insightful perspectives of her children.
+358 44 361 3159